How can I add attachments to my emails?

Unfortunately you cannot send attachments of any kind with your emails. These are the reasons why:

  • Email attachments are often used as a way to hide viruses and malware. Because of this, emails with attachments are more likely to get caught in spam filters, which can affect your deliverability.
  • Large file sizes can result in bounces from email servers with low inbox or low message size limits.
  • Attachments can slow down large campaign sends, as the time required to send each email is significantly greater.

Alternative method for file sharing

If you're able to create a landing page, here's a way that you can share a file:

  1. Host the file online, either on your own web server, or a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Amazon’s services.
  2. Create a landing page and use it to link to your file. Some cloud services create these pages by default when you retrieve a shareable link for that file.
  3. Link to your landing page in your email.

This has three benefits: it makes the email download faster for recipients; you’ll be able to track how many people clicked the link to access the file; and because you're not linking directly to a file, there's a better chance that your email will avoid spam filters.