Viewing and editing individual subscriber details

When an email address is added to a list in your account it creates a subscriber snapshot. Clicking a subscriber's email address opens their snapshot page where you can see how and when that person joined your list.

You can also view and edit custom field information for the subscriber and, if they've opened your emails, see which campaigns were opened and what was clicked.

Viewing a subscriber's profile

To access a particular subscriber's snapshot page, open the list the subscriber is on and enter their email address or name (if you collect names) in the Search list field, as shown here:

If the email address entered matches someone on the list, clicking Search will open the subscriber snapshot immediately.

If you search by name and more than one match is found, click on each email address returned until you find the subscriber snapshot you're after.

Got multiple subscriber lists?

Here's some handy information if you have more than one list:

  • There is a subscriber snapshot for every list a subscriber is on. So a subscriber who has joined three lists, will have three unique snapshot pages.
  • If you are not sure which list a subscriber is on, check out how to search for a subscriber across multiple lists.

What's in a subscriber snapshot

In this section:

Here's an example of a subscriber snapshot:

The left side of the snapshot has the person's email address, their subscriber status, the date they joined the list, and how they joined. This is the bare minimum you will see for any subscriber.

Additionally, you might see:

NOTE: There won't be an IP-based location if you've recently added the subscriber to the list yourself (manually or by importing a file). We'll record geolocation data as soon as they open or click a link in an HTML campaign you send to them.

Subscriber status and date subscribed

In most cases the date "Joined" and "Active since" dates will be the same, as pictured right.

The dates will differ if a subscriber joined a confirmed opt-in list but did not click the verification link in the confirmation email that same day.

You could also have subscribers, if you have confirmed opt-in lists, who have still not clicked the verification link. If so, there is no date shown below "Status". It will just say "Unconfirmed".

Two other descriptions you might see below "Status" are "Unsubscribed" and "Deleted". If a subscriber status is changed from one of these back to active, you will get a new "Active since" date to show you when it happened.

Default field and custom field data

On the snapshot page, click Edit <Name> to update a subscriber's name or email address, which are the default fields for any list. If you also have custom fields set up for the list, those field values can be edited here, too.

Custom fields are often set up with the intention of subscribers filling in the information themselves. For example, by including the fields on your subscribe form for people to complete when they sign up.

You can also set up custom fields for administrative use only. Or, use a mix of both.

In reference to the example pictured right, "Date of birth", "Phone" and "Gender" are custom fields made visible to subscribers on the sign up form.

The "Last appointment" and "Physician" custom fields are for internal use only and never seen by subscribers. There are hundreds of ways to make use of custom field data like this. For example, using the date of a client's last appointment to trigger a date-based journey.

Check out our help page on creating and using custom fields to learn more.

Campaign activity

On the right of the snapshot page is the subscriber's campaign activity, if they have opened any campaigns.

The graphs at the top give you a quick overview of activity for all emails sent. The rest of the page is a breakdown of opens and clicks for individual campaigns, including where and when the activity took place.