How do I change a list from single to confirmed opt-in?

You can change the subscription type for any list at any time, even if subscribers have already been added and campaigns have been sent to the list.

On this page we'll show you how to change list type, and explain what happens when an active list is changed.

Changing a subscriber list type

Open the subscriber list you want to change, then click below the list heading, as shown here:

On the next page, use the "List Type" drop-down menu to change from single to confirmed opt-in, or back the other way.

Screenshot showing the drop down menu to select the list type

That's it, job done.

What happens when list type is changed

Here is everything you need to know about changing the list type for active subscriber lists.

Confirmed opt-in lists changed to single opt-in

Anyone on your list who is still unconfirmed will stay that way until they confirm, by clicking the link in the original verification email they were sent.

Even if someone in the unconfirmed state signs up through a subscribe form later, when the list has become single opt-in, it will still not move them from unconfirmed status to active status on the list.

It is not possible to delete unconfirmed email addresses, and you cannot change someone's status from unconfirmed to active yourself. If you do need to get around this you can contact us for help. You will need to provide proof of the email owner's opt-in permission.

Note: Subscribers in the unconfirmed state will not be sent any emails and they do not count toward your total number of subscribers for billing purposes.

Single opt-in lists changed to confirmed opt-in

When you change a list from single opt-in to confirmed opt-in, everyone who is already active will be considered a confirmed opt-in subscriber. They will not be sent a verification email to confirm their subscription.