How do I add a "forward to a friend" link to my campaigns?

A "forward this email" link encourages recipients to share your campaigns with their contacts. When they click the link, it opens a form to enter the names and email addresses of friends they want to forward the email to.

Here's an example "forward to a friend" page:

NOTE: If you have personalized a campaign with information like the subscriber's name, email or other custom field data, personalization will be maintained in the forwarded email.

Adding the "forward to a friend" link to your campaign

Below are instructions for adding a "forward to a friend" link to each of our different campaign formats.

Email builder campaigns

When using the email builder to create a campaign:

  1. Click any element in the footer section.
  2. In the "Footer settings" panel, click Share this email.
  3. Select the "Forward" checkbox.

You can insert additional "forward to a friend" links in your email body, by using the [forwardtoafriend] tag in place of a URL.

For example, for linked text:

And for button links:

Custom coded campaigns

If you are importing custom coded campaigns, just include the <forwardtoafriend> tag in your HTML. When the campaign is sent the tag will be converted to a text link: "Forward this email to a friend".

You can replace the "Forward this email to a friend" text with your own, by putting your custom text between opening and closing <forwardtoafriend> tags:

<forwardtoafriend>Forward this email</forwardtoafriend>

Plain text campaigns

To insert a "forward" link in a plain text email, use the [forwardtoafriend] tag.