Turn email notifications for new subscribers on or off

Subscriber notification emails give you an immediate overview of who your audience is, where they're from, and how signups are performing over time. We can email you instant updates for every new subscriber for all of your lists, or send a summary of signup activity every day, week or month.

Below is a sample of what we'll send you, and further down is more information on what's in the email notifications.

NOTE: Notification emails are only triggered by a subscriber signing up, or one-by-one API requests. Importing a list of emails will not trigger the notification, and the emails in that list will not be included in the notification's subscriber count.

Managing subscriber notification emails

If multiple people have access to your account, each person (with permission to manage lists) can set their own email preferences for notification emails. In this section we'll show you how to select which lists you want to be notified about, how to change the frequency of notifications, or how to turn them off altogether.

Open Lists & subscribers in your account, then click Manage my preferences in the right sidebar:

This will display the "Subscriber Notifications" page:

Here you can choose which list, or lists, you want updates on and how often you want to be notified. There are two settings to choose from:

  • Notify me instantly means you'll be emailed every time a new subscriber signs up to the list, or lists, you select.
  • Send me a summary provides regular updates on new subscriber activity across all your lists, delivered to your inbox once a day, week or month.

You can optionally tick both checkboxes. This means you'll get an email every time someone subscribes to the lists you've selected, plus you'll get a summary report of all lists at the frequency you've specified: daily, weekly or monthly.

To turn off all notifications, just deselect both the Notify me instantly and Send me a summary checkboxes.

Click Save preferences to complete.

Note: Weekly summary notifications are sent every Monday and monthly summaries go out on the first day of the month, both at 8am.

What's in the email notifications

This section explains the difference between what you'll get in instant notification emails versus summary notifications.

Instant notifications

We'll always provide the email address and any other information the subscriber submits, for example: custom field data like age, gender or interests will be listed if a response is given. If a new subscriber doesn't fill in a custom field it won't be shown in the email we send you.

There's also a View profile button which links to the person's subscriber snapshot page in your account.

A standard email notification for a single subscriber looks like this:

Additionally, you might see:

  • A thumbnail image (avatar) of the subscriber, if the person has a Gravatar account linked to their email address.
  • The subscriber's location presented as a map, if we have their IP address.

Below is an example of a single subscriber notification with an avatar, IP address, and custom field data:

Note: For confirmed opt-in lists, people must confirm their subscription before a notification email is sent to you.

Summary notifications

This email reports on new subscribers across all your lists. The sample pictured below is a monthly summary, but you can have the same thing delivered daily or weekly instead.

The email header tells you how many lists the summary is for, and a breakdown of how many subscribers joined each list is shown at the bottom. Plus, you can see at-a-glance how sign ups are going compared to your last notification, your average score for the time period, and your best score to date.

Email notifications are a great way to stay focused on how your lists are growing and who your subscribers are, so you can keep producing targeted campaigns that will keep them engaged.