Enlist iPad app for signing up new subscribers

Enlist is our free iPad app. It enables you to set up a custom designed subscribe form to use wherever you and your future subscribers are. Use it where you work, or when you're networking. New contacts are synced straight to your account.

For those who use Campaign Monitor to provide a service to customers, we also offer a white label version of the app called Subscribe Me. If you have clients with permission to manage lists, they will only have access to the white label version.

Connecting Enlist to your Campaign Monitor account

To download Enlist and get it set up to use on your iPad:

  1. Download Enlist from the App Store to your iPad.
  2. Open Enlist on your iPad and tap Allow Access to connect it to your Campaign Monitor account (by signing in with your account username and password).
  3. Choose a client, if you have more than one.
  4. Choose a subscriber list to set up a subscribe form for.
  5. Customize the form to match your brand.

Enlist automatically syncs all new subscribers straight to your list in Campaign Monitor when you're connected to the Internet. Read about using Enlist offline.

Log out of your account

Tap the list drop-down menu in the middle of the app toolbar, at the top. Return to the "Choose a client" menu and tap Log out as shown here:

Customize the subscribe form

We designed Enlist so you can make it match your own look and feel, but you can also choose one of 10 pre-designed themes. Open the gallery by tapping Themes, top left. When you see one that you like tap Choose.

Select a Theme in the top left corner

The dotted outlines show you which elements of the subscribe form can be customized. You can add your own logo and background image, change the form copy or button label, and also change fonts and text size.

Header text and form details

"Join our list" is the default header text. Tap it to change the words to anything you like, or replace the text entirely with your logo.

Change your Header and details text

Here's a description of the editing tools pictured above:

  • Edit Text – Change the title/description of your subscribe form.
  • Layout – Available with the header editing tools only. Use this to insert a logo instead of text, or to set alignment of logo and text (left, right, top).
  • Typeface – Choose from a huge range of fonts and, below that, decrease or increase the font size by tapping the little A / big A buttons.
  • Color – The color palette slides left and right. Tap a selection to see how it looks in live preview and, when you find a winner, tap anywhere outside the edit tools menu to close it.

Note: If you add a logo and then decide to change the theme, the logo won't be saved.

Subscriber fields

Choose which fields to show by tapping the Email/Name element. If you have multiple custom fields for the subscriber list they'll appear in the pop-up menu.

Choose which fields to show by tapping the element

The fields menu allows you to:

  • show or hide a field by tapping the tick icon next to it (except for the Email field)
  • set fields as "information required" by tapping Required on/off
  • re-arrange the display order of fields by using the drag handle to move them up or down.

Submit button

Use the editing tools to change the button label and optionally pick a different background color.


Tap Background, bottom-right, to choose from one of our theme backgrounds or select an image from your iPad.

Tap the Background button in the bottom right

To design a custom background image, make it 1024 x 768 pixels, or double the size (2048 x 1536) to suit retina display.

Secure your subscribe form

When you've finished customizing, tap the Finish button. It will be replaced by a padlock icon. Tapping the padlock takes you back to edit mode.

The padlock icon in the top right corner

To prevent subscribers from accessing edit mode you can follow the prompts to set up a passcode for the padlock.

Important: Choose a passcode that's easy to remember or can be stored somewhere securely. There is no "reset password" option, so if it's forgotten you'll have to reinstall the app, which also means re-designing your subscribe form.

Secure your iPad with "Guest User" mode

In addition to blocking user access to edit mode, you can also restrict access on your iPad to the subscribe form only. This is done using the iPad's Guided Access settings (available for iOS 6 and up) to put it in "Guest User" mode.

First, turn on Guided Access on your iPad by following these steps:

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Tap General and scroll down to open Accessibility.
  3. Scroll down and tap Guided Access (under "Learning").
  4. Toggle Guided Access to ON and set a 4-digit passcode.

With Guided Access enabled, you can now set Enlist to "Guest User" mode by following these steps:

  1. Launch Enlist and triple-click the Home button.
  2. Tap Start to disable the Home button.

To turn off "Guest User" mode for Enlist:

  1. Triple-click the Home button.
  2. Enter your 4-digit passcode.
  3. Tap the End button (top-left).

Offline access

If you need to use Enlist somewhere without an Internet connection, make sure you sign in to your account online before you get there. New subscribers added offline will be sent across as soon as your iPad is web-connected again (and the Enlist app is open).

You won't see any indication that the sync is happening but you can check that new subscribers were added to the list by checking it from the Lists & subscribers section in your account. The more subscribers you collect, the longer syncing will take.

Note: The date "subscribed" for each person added to the list will be the date that you sync offline signups to your account.