How can I link directly to a subscriber's profile?

Subscriber snapshots are a full page of information and activity reports for individual subscribers. This data is really useful for learning more about your email audience, especially in conjunction with other systems you use for customer records.

This article explains how to generate a direct link to an individual subscriber's profile, like the example pictured below:

Within the lists, subscriber "IDs" are simply the contact's email address. In the instructions that follow, we'll use Dudley Barrett, pictured above, as our example subscriber.

Creating a direct link to a subscriber snapshot

Dudley Barrett's subscriber email address is:

Therefore, the link for Dudley's profile is:

You can copy the URL above to generate your own links. Just edit it in the following ways:

  • Replace the highlighted section with yours or your client's own account domain.
  • When you add the subscriber's email address to the end, replace the @ symbol with %40

Subscriber snapshot URL's used in external systems

If you are not logged in to your account, clicking a direct-to-subscriber link will take you to the account login page first. Keep this in mind if you're using the links in systems accessed by people who do not have access to your account.

Also, some people who do have account access may not have permission to manage subscriber lists. If this is the case, they will not be able to view subscriber snapshots and the link will appear to go nowhere.

How the direct-to-subscriber link works

If the individual is on only one subscriber list for the client, clicking the link will take you directly to their snapshot page. However, if they are on more than one list the URL will direct you to a page of search results for the subscriber, as shown here:

From here, click the subscriber's email address that is in the same row as the list name you want to view their activity for.

For example, to view Dudley Barrett's campaign activity for emails sent to the Customers list, you would click in the top row, adjacent to Customers.