Upgrade or downgrade your billing plan

Campaign Monitor offers three monthly plans, with each tier offering different features. If you find that needs have changed, it's easy to switch plans. Alternatively, you can pause your plan by switching to pay per campaign billing.

NOTE: Clients paying for their own account usage do not have permission to switch payment plans. The "Billing" section in a client's account only allows them to view invoices and change or update their credit card details.

Changing a client's payment plan

To switch the payment plan your client is currently on:

  1. Click Clients in the top navigation, then select the relevant client from your list.
  2. Click Client settings near the top right.
  3. Click Change billing details.
  4. If you're not currently reselling to the client continue to step 5. Otherwise, you'll first need to click change next to the plan name at the top left.
  5. On the "Choose a plan" page, select a new payment plan then follow the on-screen instructions to save the changes.

To switch from monthly billing to pay per campaign, click the Pay per campaign link at the bottom of the page.

When billing changes take effect

Billing changes will take effect depending on your action. If you:

  • upgrade a client's monthly plan — the difference will be charged immediately.
  • downgrade a client's monthly plan — the account will switch to the new plan when the current billing month finishes.
  • switch from monthly to pay per campaign — payment will be required the next time a campaign is sent, or a design and spam test is run.
  • switch from pay per campaign to monthly — the change to billing varies, depending on whether you or the client are paying:
    • If you are paying for the client — The first monthly amount will be charged on the date you switched billing methods, with subsequent bills issued monthly.
    • If the client is paying — Monthly billing will begin on the date the first billable action takes place, for example, when a campaign is sent.

Switching from monthly to pay per campaign, then back to monthly

If you change your mind after switching from a monthly plan to pay per campaign, you can switch back to the same monthly plan at no extra charge, so long as:

  • You switch back before your original plan’s last billing period was due to end.
  • Your subscriber count hasn’t pushed you up a billing tier.