When I press the 'submit' button on my sign up form, nothing happens!

If you've created a subscribe form and added it to your website, it will normally just work. However, if your form is all correct, but pressing the 'submit' button seems to do nothing at all, the problem may be an ASP.net issue.

ASP.net nested forms prevent page forms from working

It is common for sites running on ASP.net to have a <form> element surrounding the entire content of the page as part of the way the site is controlled. Unfortunately, that means any sign up form you add to the page will be nested inside the wrapping form.

That nesting stops the sign up form from submitting anything, and it results in a non-functional sign up form. There isn't any way to make that work as is, but you do have a couple of options.

Work arounds for ASP.net pages

  • Place the sign up form on a page without a wrapping <form> element. In some cases you will be able to setup a static HTML page for your sign up page that doesn't have the .net form control on it. Then the form will work normally.
  • Place your form inside an iframe. On your HTML page, insert an iframe at the correct size to contain your form, and then load the form from a static HTML page. That means your form is removed from nesting, and will submit normally. Keep in mind that any confirmation message you have setup will also display inside the iframe.
  • Use the API to add new subscribers. If you have the development skills, you can setup your own form element, and submit the details to your list directly via API calls and avoid the <form> issue completely.