How does monthly billing work?

If you send emails frequently or have large subscriber lists, monthly billing is the most cost effective option.

You can see exactly what you'll pay as sending increases, by referring to our tiered pricing. We also move clients between tiers automatically when sending increases or decreases, so neither you or they will pay for more than is needed.

Read more about what each plan includes.

How the monthly rate is determined

The monthly rate for each client is determined by the number of active subscribers across all of the client's lists at the time a bill is due. Inactive subscribers are those with a subscriber status of unsubscribed, bounced, unconfirmed or deleted.

If a client has five lists with 8,000 active subscribers on each list, they will be billed based on a total of 40,000 subscribers (8,000 subscribers x five lists = 40,000).

If the subscriber lists grow or the number of emails sent exceeds the plan's sending limit (applicable to basic plans only), the monthly rate moves up to the next pricing tier. If the subscriber lists decrease, so could the monthly rate.

IMPORTANT: If the same email address is active on multiple lists, it counts multiple times against the total. You can avoid duplication by using segments to create sub-lists, instead of having separate lists for different audiences.

Viewing the monthly rate

To look up the current monthly rate for a client:

  1. Click Clients in the top navigation, then select the relevant client from your list.
  2. Click Client settings near the top right, then click the Change billing details button.
  3. If you're not currently reselling to the client continue to step 4. Otherwise, you will need to click Change next to the plan name (at the top left).
  4. On the “Choose a plan” page you’ll see the current plan the client is on, and their monthly rate. To see how costs will scale as sending increases, click See all tiers below any of the three monthly plans.


Below are some answers to questions we’re commonly asked about monthly billing. If you have a question we haven’t addressed please contact us.

Do I have to pay by credit card?

Yes, for monthly billing plans we only accept payment by credit card. The only other option is to choose pay per campaign billing because this can be paid for with email credits, and email credits can be purchased in bulk without a credit card.

What day will the monthly charge be taken?

When you select monthly billing for a client you're paying for — this includes your own client, if you send for yourself — the first monthly amount is charged immediately. From that date (and time) onward charges recur monthly, billed to the credit card you supply.

Billing periods start at the same time every month. For example, if your first monthly billing charge is taken at 2:38pm, every monthly bill that follows will be charged at the same time. To see what time your next billing period starts, check when the last invoice notification email was received.

If you have clients who are paying for themselves, it works a little differently. After you have put a client on monthly billing, the first monthly amount is charged when the client completes or activates a process that requires payment. For example:

  • sending or scheduling a campaign
  • running a design and spam test
  • starting a journey

From then on, the recurring payment is charged on the same day of each month.

Note: If a billing cycle is activated on the 31st, the charge will be taken on the last day of the month for months with less than 31 days. It reverts to the 31st for subsequent charges.

What is the minimum monthly contract term?

There is no minimum contract period for paid plans. For monthly billing your only commitment is for the current month purchased. You are free to cancel your account at any time or, to keep your account active but stop monthly payments, see the following answer.

How do I cancel monthly billing?

If a client wants to take a break from sending you can stop monthly payments and still keep the account active. To do this, just switch from monthly billing to pay per campaign billing. You can switch back again later if you want to.

Note: The change in billing will take effect immediately, so the very next campaign sent for that client will be charged for on the spot. Therefore, it makes sense to wait until the end of the billing period before switching billing options.

What happens if the credit card is declined?

If you are paying a monthly charge for one or more clients and your card is declined we'll send you a notification email. As soon as you update your card details we'll take the payment and the affected clients will be able to send campaigns.

If your client is paying for their own campaigns, and their card fails, we'll email you and send a white-labeled notification (no mention of Campaign Monitor) to your client. The next time you, or your client, logs in to the account the payment details page will be displayed to prompt an update of the card details.

During the period that a credit card payment has failed and updated details are pending, the client will not be able to send any emails. If the client is running automated journeys, they will also be paused — unless there are leftover email credits in your account to continue sending them.

As soon as payment details are updated everything will be back to normal, and paused journeys will be restarted automatically. In cases where the payment problem is temporary and your, or your client's, credit card details are correct, we will keep trying to process the payment a few times over.

What happens if you go over the send limit on a basic monthly plan?

It depends on who is paying for the client, and who is sending the campaign. There are three ways that this could work in your account, as explained below.

You pay and send

If you are paying and sending for the client, you'll get two options:

  • Increase your monthly sending limit by paying the difference between the current pricing tier and the higher tier. On your next billing cycle, your sending limit will return to what it was and you'll be charged your normal monthly fee.
  • Upgrade to an unlimited monthly plan, paying the difference between the current and new plan immediately. You will start paying the new amount for the unlimited plan the following month.
You pay, client sends

If you are paying but your client is sending, you will be charged automatically for the difference between the current pricing tier and the higher tier so they can send without delay. Read more about this.

Client pays and sends

If your client is paying and sending their own campaigns, they will be prompted to increase their monthly sending limit by paying the difference between the current pricing tier and the higher tier. Your client will have two options:

  • Hold off on sending the campaign until the next billing period starts.
  • Pay the difference and send immediately. On the client's next billing cycle, their sending limit will return to what it was and they'll be charged the normal monthly fee.

What happens if my client imports more subscribers than they're paying for?

The client will be moved to a higher pricing tier and charged the new rate at the start of the next billing period. Or, if a campaign is sent or scheduled before the next billing period, the client will be charged the difference between their current pricing tier and the higher level tier.

If this happens, we'll display a payment increase notification in the client section of your account when you, or the client, next try to send a campaign. The notification will state the amount owing to cover the difference from one tier to the next.

Can I prevent my clients from moving to a higher pricing tier?

No, because moving between tiers is done automatically based on how many active subscribers a client has and their plan's email send limit. The latter applies to basic plans only.

While you cannot restrict your client to a particular pricing tier, you could turn off their permission to import subscribers. We also recommend you keep an eye on the client's send history so you can switch them to a higher plan if it's looking like they will repeatedly hit the send limit for their basic plan.

Can I add up all of the lists for all my clients and pay one monthly fee on that total?

No, monthly billing rates are calculated based on individual clients and cannot be combined.

Can I pay for all my client’s monthly charges in one transaction?

It isn’t possible to pay for multiple clients in one transaction. Each of your client's monthly bills will be processed and charged to your account credit card individually. Or, if your client is paying, charged to their credit card.

Can I invoice my clients in other currencies?

If you have clients who are paying for their own campaigns, yes. Check out our page on changing the currency for client billing to learn more.

Tip: You can also set the currency for your account to your local currency.

Can I switch clients between monthly plans?

You can switch between basic, unlimited and premier at any time by selecting a client, clicking Client settings, then clicking Change billing details. Upgrading a plan requires the difference between the two plans to be paid on the spot. After that, the upgraded plan kicks in immediately.

If the switch is from premier to unlimited, or unlimited to basic, the client stays on the higher plan for the remainder of the billing period. The lower plan starts from the next billing period.

If I downgrade a client from the premier plan, can I still contact phone support?

Premier plan phone support will not be available if you downgrade to the monthly unlimited or basic plans.

If I purchase a premier plan for one of my clients, can my other clients access its benefits?

A premier plan must be purchased for each individual client that would like access to phone support or our Customer Success team. There is no limit to the number of clients that can be put on this plan.