Recording which form or location a subscriber came from

If you have people joining your lists via more than one form or sign up method, it can be very useful to know how each person joined.

For example, if you have a signup form on your homepage, but also at the end of your checkout process, you can see which is more effective for you, and also segment your list accordingly.

How to automatically record the source of a subscriber sign up

First open Lists and subscribers, then click through to the specific list you want to modify. Then:

  1. Add a custom field to your subscriber list and give it a useful name, like “source”.
  2. Click Create a subscribe form and make sure you select the new “source” custom field to be included in your form. Save your changes and copy the supplied code for your subscribe form.
  3. Add the subscribe code to your site, but change the text for the source field from <input type=“text” to <input type=“hidden”. This makes the field invisible to your visitors, but still submitted with the rest of the form.
  4. Place this code on each of the pages on your site, and give the hidden field a value. For example, the front page could use value=“frontpage” and the checkout page could be value=“checkout”.
  5. Every time someone completes these subscribe forms, they’ll be added to your list and the hidden form value will passed into the “source” field.

If you click through on any email address in your list, you'll be able to see the value for the source, if any. You can also use the Export subscribers link to export your list including the new field.

Finally, you could create new segments based on your source field, and modify your message according to how they joined. This technique could be extended to record offline signups, if you manually fill in the source field when inputting new subscribers. You could then have lists segmented by the specific store or event they first joined at.