How do I share my campaign on Facebook or Twitter?

Social sharing links for Twitter or Facebook can be added to your campaigns with our content editor, making it easy for recipients to share the email with their social media contacts.

We also generate quick-share social media links as soon as a campaign is sent, so you can share the email with your online friends and followers. We'll show you how to do both on this page.

As soon as a campaign is sent we generate a short URL for easy sharing with your social media network. Get the link from the campaign report page, if you have access to it, by clicking the Share Campaign button pictured here:

You'll see a pop-up window containing the email's short URL, as well as Twitter and Facebook share buttons:

The short URL is for a generic version of the campaign so it won't contain any personalization, if you happen to have used personalization tags in the email.

Clicking the buttons will open Facebook or Twitter in a new browser window and automatically generate a status update for you, containing the campaign name and short URL. You can edit the post before sharing it.

Note: The short URL will always be at It isn't possible to change that, but even if Twitter or another of the major URL shortening services changes the URL, it will still be tracked in the campaign's social sharing & forwards report.

Encourage recipients to share your campaign

Our content editor makes it easy to add Facebook or Twitter share buttons to any text section of your campaign. Just position your cursor where you want the button to go then, from the editing toolbar, click Insert > Social sharing as shown here:

Note: Some email templates use a different content editor to the one pictured above. If you're using the other editor you'll find parts of the editing toolbar are different, but adding Facebook and Twitter buttons works in the same way. To add one, click Insert > Social sharing and follow the prompts.

Share on Twitter

When a recipient clicks the Tweet button it opens a new browser window loaded with Twitter's "Share a link with your followers" page:

The user will have to sign into their account (if they're not already signed in) where they'll find a status update ready to post. The tweet includes your email subject line and short URL for a generic, non-personalized, version of the campaign. It can be edited before they share it.

Share on Facebook

With the Facebook button you can choose for people to "Like" the campaign or "Like" a web page, for example your company website, blog, or Facebook Page. When you select Like a page on Facebook you'll be prompted to enter the URL, as shown here:

When a recipient clicks the Facebook Like button in your campaign it opens the email in a browser window, if it was not already, and a pop-up appears prompting confirmation to "Like this on Facebook". If the user clicks "Like" again a text box is displayed so the recipient can include a comment with their post, as shown here:

Pictured above is the "Like this campaign" window, which will post the web version of your campaign to the recipient's Facebook timeline. When you use the "Like a page" button in your campaign the window (above) pulls in the URL's page title and a text snippet, if there is one.

See who has shared your campaign

As soon as your campaign has been sent we start tracking share activity for the campaign report. If you have access, you can view the social sharing and forwards report to see the number of times your campaign has been shared on Twitter and Facebook, as well as how many recipients have used the forward-to-a-friend link.