Adding a date field to your subscriber list

For each subscriber list, you can create up to 50 custom fields to hold different information about recipients. One of the field types is a date field. You can either manage this data (enter the dates) yourself, or set it up so that subscribers can enter the information.

Adding a date field to a subscriber list

There are two ways you can do this:

Option 1. Create a new custom field, and add the dates later

From Lists & subscribers, open the list you want to add a date field to. Then, in the right sidebar, click Custom fields.

On the "Manage custom fields" page, enter a Field Name to describe what the dates are, then use the Data Type drop-down menu to select Date, as shown here:

Click the Add custom field button to save your new field. It will appear in the section below titled "Your existing fields".

To give subscribers access to update this field in the Preference Center, tick the Visible checkbox alongside the new field name, as shown here:

Making a field visible also gives you the option to set it as a Required field, making it mandatory that information is entered to complete the form.

Now you can import dates to your subscriber list from a file, or manually add them. See adding dates to a new date field to learn more.

Option 2. Create the new custom field when you import the dates

If you already have the dates in another system, you can import them from a file. During the import process, you'll be prompted to match the file columns with your subscriber list fields.

If the field doesn't exist, you can create one on the spot. Use the Belongs to drop-down menu to select A new date field, as shown here:

Then type in a name for the new field and click Finish adding subscribers to save it and complete the import.

Adding dates to a new date field

There are three ways you can do this:

Option 1. Import the dates from a file

If you already have the dates in another system, you can import them as a file. The best approach is to re-import your entire list, with the extra date column included. If you haven't done this before, see: How do I import subscribers from a file?

When the file is imported, subscribers in your list will be updated with the date and any other new information the file contains. If the file includes anyone who was unsubscribed or bounced, they won't be re-added to the list.

Date format

The import process is pretty smart. There will generally be no problem working out what format your dates are in, so long as the data is consistent. But if you have the choice, the best format to use is YYYY/MM/DD.

Option 2. Manually enter dates for each subscriber

When you've added a custom date field to a list, you can enter or edit the date for any subscriber on that list.

Click on any email address in the list to open the subscriber snapshot page, as shown here:

Click the Edit <Name> button and enter the date using the drop-down menus for day, month, year. Then click Save changes.

Option 3. Allow subscribers to fill in the date field

Any custom fields created for a list can be added to a sign up form. The help topics below contain instructions for including custom fields on your form:

To get the date from existing subscribers, make the date field visible in the Preference Center, as shown here:

This is done on the "Manage custom fields" page, as explained above.