How do I export subscribers?

There's a link on the list details page for exporting subscribers. You can download them as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, or a tab delimited text file.

If you have multiple lists, each one has to be downloaded as a separate file, as instructed below.

Exporting subscriber lists

To export a subscriber list:

  1. Open Lists & subscribers.
  2. Click on a list name to open the list details page, then click the export link:

  3. Use the Export menu to select the type of subscribers you want to download, for example, "Active Subscribers" only or "All Subscribers."
  4. Choose your preferred file type: CSV or tab delimited.
  5. Select which subscriber fields to include in the download (and optionally include Date Added). If your list has custom fields they will also be displayed, as shown here:

  6. Click Export Subscribers to download the file.

Tip: You can use an exported list to update subscriber details outside of your account. Make some changes, or add more information, to the exported file then save it and import it to the same list.

Subscriber date added

The "Date Added" field under "Select fields to export" (see above) is an internal field populated by the system to record the date and time subscribers joined your list. It can't be edited so you won't find it with your other custom fields, however the data can be used to trigger automated journeys and create segments.

If you export a list including the subscriber date added, and intend to re-import it later, you should ignore that column when importing the updated file. When you're prompted to match up file columns with subscriber list fields, just choose Nothing (skip) as shown here: