How do I resend a sent campaign?

After you send a campaign it gets added to your previously sent emails to use as a starting point for the next campaign.

You can also use this as a handy way to resend a campaign, if, for example, you want to send it to some new subscribers. To do so, open Campaigns and set up a new campaign — with a campaign name, subject line and sender details — then, on the next page, click Recent emails in the left sidebar, as shown here:

Note: Only template-based and plain text campaigns can be resent from "Recent emails." To resend an email campaign that was designed externally and imported into your account, follow the instructions below.

Resending imported email campaigns

To duplicate a sent campaign so you can resend it:

  1. Open Campaigns to see your "Sent Campaign Reports."
  2. Hover your cursor over the sent campaign you want to duplicate, then click the duplicate icon that appears on your right, as shown here:

  3. The "Saved Drafts" page will load with the previously sent email added to the top. Click the campaign name to open the "Campaign Snapshot" page.

  4. Use the Edit buttons and links (for example, "edit HTML" or "Edit text") to make any required changes, then click Define recipients.
  5. Select or import new recipients, then click Next. The updated campaign snapshot will show the new recipients.
  6. Click Test and define delivery to complete the final stages of your campaign send.

Duplicating a sent campaign will not affect reports for the previously sent campaign in any way.