How do I set up an email template?

Click Clients in the top navigation, then select the client you want to create a template for. Then click My templates near the top right. You can use our simple, drag-and-drop tools to create an email builder template, or import a custom coded template, as explained below.

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Create an email builder template

The email builder is a drag-and-drop content editor built into the campaign creation process. It's simple to use and gives your clients plenty of freedom to make content-level customizations, as explained in this guide.

Email builder templates are created using the same, simple drag-and-drop features shown above. Get started now with our email builder template customization guide (visible to account administrators only).

Note: You cannot export email builder templates to modify them outside of your account.

Import a custom HTML template

If your client's design requires custom code you can build a template in your preferred HTML editor, then import it. Use our template language to design a template with editable regions for your client to add content to.

When your client selects their custom template from "My templates" to create an email, it will open in the custom template content editor pictured below. Text and images are added by clicking the Edit and Add New buttons positioned above each editable section in the template:

Get started with help from these guides and resources:

RSS templates

To create RSS-based emails you need an email template containing our Campaign Monitor RSS tags. You can either code your own or use our built-in RSS template builder, as explained below.

Code your own RSS template

If you know HTML you can code your own RSS-compatible template from scratch, or update an existing template (excluding email builder templates) with our RSS tags.

When your template is ready, see our instructions for importing a template into your account.

Use the RSS template builder

The RSS template builder in your account can only be accessed when you're setting up RSS-based workflow emails. After you've selected an RSS feed and completed the sending details you'll see an option to import your own template or use our RSS template builder.

Client access to templates

After you've set up a template for a client, they'll be able to select it from "My templates" when creating campaigns:

Learn more about managing your client's email templates.