Transactional FAQ for agencies

Transactional email is a feature available to all Campaign Monitor customers on monthly billing plans.

The information on this page aims to answer any questions you might have as an agency customer who is reselling Campaign Monitor services to your clients. If you're looking for an answer we haven't addressed below, please contact us for help.

On this page:

What will my clients see in their account?

Your clients will only have access to the transactional email feature if they have full client access. Those with standard client access will not see transactional unless you customize their permission settings and select "Transactional" from the options.

How does billing work for transactional emails?

If your client is on a monthly plan with Campaign Monitor, transactional emails are included in the monthly total. The feature is not available for client's on pay per campaign billing.

On a Basic monthly plan, each transactional email sent counts towards your client's monthly send limit. On an Unlimited or Premier monthly plan, they can send up to 10 times the current plan's maximum subscriber limit.

Will my clients be exposed to Campaign Monitor by using transactional?

The feature has been designed so that, when a client with access to transactional is logged into their account, it does not reference Campaign Monitor in any way. This includes not mentioning our API, as it does reference Campaign Monitor and is used to trigger some transactional emails.

Since we also refer to the API throughout our support documentation, this means clients will have limited access to user guides and resources, and will need your assistance to set up and trigger transactional email.

Note: Our support documentation for transactional (accessed via the "Help" section in your account) includes more detail on specific things you may need to address if reselling transactional to clients.