Grouping classic transactional email for reports

To get meaningful reporting from classic transactional emails you need to group them by type, for example, "Password reset" or "Order confirmation" emails. With smart transactional emails, groups are automatically created for you, but for classic transactional, you’ll need developer assistance.

What does an email group look like in transactional?

Email groups, if you have any, are displayed below the email overview report in the Transactional section of your account. Each name listed below "Emails" (pictured below) is the name of an email group. Emails without a group are filed under "Ungrouped Emails" at the bottom of the list, as shown here:

If classic transactional emails are left ungrouped they do not provide very useful reporting, so you should get your developer to group them for you by passing on the directions below.

Developer Directions

Email groups need to be assigned using SMTP headers or the API, and the steps differ depending on which method is being used: SMTP or API
More info: