What is the transactional email delivery log?

The delivery log lists and displays the status of every transactional email you have sent through our system. It shows you each individual the email has been sent to, open and click rates for each email sent, and allows you to view the content of each email.

The link to the delivery log is in the right sidebar, under Transactional. The log will be viewable once your first transactional email has been sent.

Once in the delivery log, you’ll notice a circle to the right of each email listed, which changes color depending on the status of the email:

  • Green — the email has been sent with no errors reported.
  • Red — the email has bounced or been reported as spam.
  • Grey — the email is being held in a queue before sending is complete.

TIP: Click the number under Clicks in the delivery log to take a quick glance at the content your recipient is engaging with in your transactional email.

If you click on an email address in the delivery log, you will see a list of every transactional email you have sent to that address. You will also have the option to View campaign activity, which will show you what marketing emails you have sent to that address, if any.

Resending transactional emails

If a customer reports they have not received a particular transactional email, you can resend it by searching for their name in the search box, finding the appropriate email, then hovering your cursor over the status circle and clicking the Resend button.

You can resend sent emails and emails that have been soft bounced, but not those that are in a queue or have been hard bounced. Read more about bounce reasons.

Note: Transactional emails with attachments can't be resent.

Advanced search

Using the search field at the top of the delivery log, you can search results by email or name. You can also filter the results by "All emails", "Bounced" or "Marked as spam" using the dropdown next to the search box.

In addition to this, advanced searches can be performed by wrapping the search terms listed below in square brackets: [ ].

Search terms are not case sensitive. You can use AND and OR operators, along with * and ? wildcards. Supported keywords are:

  • from.name
  • from.email
  • sender.name
  • sender.email
  • to.email
  • to.name
  • recipient.name
  • recipient.email
  • subject

For example:

[from.name:*Alex* AND to.email: "jane@abcwidgets.com" AND subject: *Order#*]

Would search all emails sent to jane@abcwidgets.com from a sender named Alex, with a subject containing "Order#".

We use Amazon's Elastic Search, so for further search options, refer to the official documentation.