Add a subscription opt-in checkbox to an existing form

If you have a customer form on your website, you can can add a subscriber list checkbox to it so users can opt-in when they submit the form.

There are two ways you can set this up, as explained below. Note that both options do require you to have some web development skills to carry out the instructions.

Option 1. Use our API

The most flexible option is using our API to send off a subscribe request from your own server. If you have the development skills available, we recommended doing it this way.

Option 2. Set up a URL redirect

If you can't use the API, your other option is using our subscribe form input names to construct a redirect URL. Developer know-how is still required for this option. See the instructions below.

Setting up an opt-in checkbox redirect

Follow the steps below to take the input names from your subscribe form code, and build them into a redirect URL.

1. Build a redirect URL with your subscribe form code

From your account, open the subscriber list you want people to opt-in to. On the list details page, click Sign up forms in the right sidebar then, on the following page, select Copy/paste a form to your site.

This will load the subscribe form editor with the Email field selected. You can use that field only, or select Name and any other custom fields you have set up. Then click Get the code.

When you've got the code, copy the form action URL. It will look something like this:

This forms the beginning of your redirect URL. Next, add the input field names to complete it.

For this example we're just using the name and email fields. The screen capture below shows you where to find the input field names in your subscribe form code:

The "name" input field name is the same for everyone: cm-name

The "email" input field name is unique; it will look something like: cm-abcde-abcde

Copy those, then string it all together to form your redirect URL. Note the extra values that separate the form action URL and input field names: ?, =, &

The full redirect URL you want to end up with will look something like this:

2. Modify the code for your website form processor

Modify your website form's processing code so that, when the form is submitted, it checks to see if the opt-in checkbox has been selected.

If it has, your form processing function needs to pull the subscriber's email address and name values from the matching fields on your customer form, and insert them into the redirect URL per the example above.

Note: You can extend the redirect URL to include any custom fields you have set up for the subscriber list. Just add them to the end of the URL in the same way.

3. Redirect subscribers to your website form's confirmation page

Finally, when the checkbox on your customer form is selected, you want to redirect the user to your website form's confirmation page instead of our thank you page.

To silently redirect users back to your confirmation page, grab the URL for it and use it to set up a custom subscribe confirmation page.