How do I resubscribe an unsubscribed email?

If an email address has been unsubscribed by accident, you can move the email address back to active status from your account.

Important: You can only add subscribers back into a list if you have their express permission to do so. If you are unsure, please read our information on what counts as permission.

Reactivating an unsubscribed email

Open Lists & subscribers, select the relevant subscriber list and click the Unsubscribed tab, as shown here:

Next, tick the checkbox alongside the subscriber, or subscribers, you want to put back on the Active emails list and click Move.

This will successfully reactivate the subscriber for this list only.

Note: When someone is unsubscribed from a list in your account, they are automatically added to your suppression list. If you want to add them to any other lists, besides the list you just resubscribed them to, you need to remove their email address from your suppression list.


If a subscriber is being sent a series of journey emails, will resubscribing them restart the email sequence?

No it won't, and they will not be sent any of the emails in the journey emails that were due to send while they were unsubscribed.

However, if someone is resubscribed part way through a journey, they will be sent the remaining emails.

For confirmed opt-in lists, will another verification email be sent when the person is resubscribed?

No. Verification emails are only sent when someone signs up "organically," through a subscribe form for the list.