Automated journeys

With automated journeys, you can onboard new customers, keep subscribers engaged, and keep people coming back to your brand at key moments. Use our journey designer, in the "Automation" section of your account, to create a series of emails that will be sent when triggered by specific events, dates, or subscriber activity.

Below, we'll give you an overview of the journey designer's features so you can start creating customer journey emails.

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Journey designer

To open the journey designer, navigate to the Automation section in your account, then click Create a new journey.

You'll be prompted to name your new journey, select a list to send it to, then choose a trigger. After that, you'll start adding steps to build and personalize the journey, which will begin to look something like this:

Journey triggers

There are five triggers to choose from as the starting point for your automated journey:

  • Subscriber joins a list
  • Subscriber enters a segment
  • Subscriber exits a segment
  • A date
  • An anniversary of a date

Learn more about journey triggers

Journey steps

Add your first step to the journey by clicking the + button below the trigger. There are three types of steps: Delay, Email and Condition.

After you add a step, another + button will show below it. You can add as many steps as you like.

Learn more about journey steps

Activate and edit journeys

In the journey designer, you’ll see the Turn on journey button at the top right. This is disabled until all steps in the journey have been completed. We also let you know which steps are incomplete:

After all steps in the journey are complete and you've activated it, the button will change to a switch that can be toggled on or off to pause a journey for editing certain steps, or to stop sending entirely.

Note: To activate a journey, you need to be on a monthly billing plan.

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After a journey has been turned on, you can see reporting in the activity panel of the journey designer. Click outside any step in the journey to view the activity overview:

Additionally, you can click an email step in an active journey to view sent, open and click rates for that individual email. For deeper reporting, click View full report.