Inbox preview with the design and spam test

The design and spam test is an automated test tool, built into your account. It shows you what your email will look like in all the major email clients, before you send it. It also runs your campaign through popular spam filters to detect anything that could prevent delivery.

The option to run a design and spam test is offered when you're preparing a campaign to send. On the "Test your campaign" page, click Full test to view a sample test and optionally run one yourself:

You can also access the test for your saved draft campaigns by following the instructions below.

Running design and spam tests

To run a design and spam test on a draft email campaign:

  1. Open Campaigns and click Run a design and spam test in the right sidebar.
  2. Click Run a new test to display your draft campaigns, then select the one you want to test:

    Select a draft campaign to test.
  3. Click Test this draft.

Most results will be returned within the first few minutes, but some can take up to 24 hours. There is no need to stay on the page, or stay logged into your account, while the test is running.

If you do need to come back later, open Campaigns and click Run a design and spam test again. Your test results will be displayed on the page, as shown here:

The "Filters Passed" column refers to spam filter testing. The example pictured above shows that one campaign passed all of the test's filters and the other, marked 75%, did not.

Design and spam tests

The test generates screenshots of exactly how your email will look in over 30 popular web, desktop and mobile email clients. When the screenshots have loaded, use the back and forward arrows on your right to view the results:

For some email clients you can also view the result in different web browsers, as highlighted above.

Screenshots can also be viewed by clicking on the email name, or mobile device, in the right sidebar. For mobile email clients, use the up and down arrows to scroll through content just like you would when viewing it on the device:

Sometimes screenshots for a particular email client will not load because they are not accessible at the time.

Tip: If you have access to view reports, check out the Email Client Usage Report to see which email clients are used by the majority of your recipients.

The test also runs your campaign through a couple of spam filters to see which ones it passes, and which fail. We test with two server-side filters: MessageLabs and Spam Assassin, and three ISP filters: Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo!

If your campaign triggers one of these filters you will see the name in red with a cross, as pictured on the right. If either Spam Assassin or Outlook are triggered you can also click the red cross to display the fail reason, or reasons.

Making the suggested changes, if any are displayed, will help to improve your campaign's chance of delivery.