How do I add an unsubscribe link to my email?

Allowing your recipients to unsubscribe from your campaign with a single click is not only best practice, it is also a requirement of using this tool.

On this page:

Adding an unsubscribe link to your campaign

Follow the instructions below to add an unsubscribe link to both the plain text and HTML version of your email campaign.

HTML email

In the HTML source of your email, insert the following tags around the words you want to use for the unsubscribe link:


For example:

If you are no longer interested, you can <unsubscribe>unsubscribe instantly</unsubscribe>

Plain text email

Just add the tag shown below to your email content. The system will automatically convert the tag to an unsubscribe URL that is unique to each subscriber:


Tip: You can set up your own custom unsubscribe page instead of using our default page.

Styling unsubscribe links

You can also add a style attribute, see the example below, to unsubscribe tags in HTML emails.

For example, if you wanted to make the unsubscribe link blue text, in size 11 font you would use the following code:

<unsubscribe style="font-size:11px; color:#4fb5e9;">Unsubscribe</unsubscribe> from our monthly newsletter list

We will then automatically add that inline CSS to the unsubscribe link. The example above would create an unsubscribe link that looks like this:

<a href="" style="font-size:11px; color:#4fb5e9;">Unsubscribe</a> from our monthly newsletter.

Do's and don'ts

A couple of handy points to ensure your unsubscribe link works:

Non-English campaigns

Make sure your unsubscribe link is in the same language as the rest of your email. Email campaigns that do not include an unsubscribe link get one added automatically, to the bottom of the email, and it is in English by default.

Please ensure you add the subscribe link yourself, using the code shown above, so it's in the same language as the rest of your campaign. This is important to avoid confusing your recipients, and is a requirement of using this software.

Unsubscribe links in image maps

Don't add unsubscribe links to image maps because not all email clients support image maps. Recipients may also have images disabled.

Non-editable unsubscribe links

There must be at least one, non-editable unsubscribe link in an email template. If you, or your client, are receiving a "No unsubscribe link" error when importing a template, check that the <unsubscribe> tags are not nested within editable tags, such as <singleline>, <multiline>, <layout>, or <repeater>.