How do I personalize a campaign?

We allow you to personalize the subject line and content for each campaign you send. By adding any of the following tags to your  campaign content, we will dynamically change these values for every recipient when sending the campaign. You could even add the name tags to the subject line of your email for a more personal approach.

First Name (everything up to the first space character) - [firstname,fallback=customer]

Last Name (everything after the last space character) - [lastname,fallback=customer]

Full Name - [fullname,fallback=customer]

Email Address - [email]

Fallback terms

When personalizing a recipient's name, you can provide a fallback value which is displayed if that field is empty for that recipient. If you would like nothing displayed when a recipient's name field is empty, simply leave the fallback value blank, like this: [firstname,fallback=]

The fallback term can be any plain text word or phrase, but it isn't possible to use a custom field value there.

Personalization with your custom fields

As well as personalizing your campaigns with variations of name and email address, you can also add any custom fields you might have set up for a subscriber list.

When adding a custom field, you can specify a personalization tag for that field. Whenever you add these tags to a campaign and send it to that list, those fields will be populated with each subscriber's information.

Just like name and email address, you can provide your own fallback terms for these custom fields, using the same fallback code (e.g. [address,fallback=]).

Note: Prior to sending your personalized campaign, use the quick test function in your account to test personalization tags and fallback terms.

Personalization in your web version

When you send a test preview of a campaign containing a link to view the web version, you will only see the fallback terms, not any specific custom data. That's because the preview web version is generic and not specific to any subscriber.

However, when you send the campaign for real, each subscriber will see their own customized web version with their own personalization applied.

Note: The generic web version with fallback terms is also what you will get if you use the "Share" link from your campaign reports.