How do I import a campaign from the web?

If you have an existing email campaign, designed and ready to send, there are two ways you can import it into your account. This page explains how to import your campaign from a URL, if you have it hosted online.

The other method is to upload the campaign files from your computer.

Importing campaigns from the web

Open your client's Campaigns tab and click Create a new campaign. Then follow the on-screen instructions to set up a Regular campaign (or an A/B test).

After you've filled in the campaign and sender details, and clicked Next, you'll be prompted to "Select the template for this campaign." Instead of choosing a template, click Import, then select the option to Import from the web.

Note: Moving a copy of your CSS inline automatically transforms all the styles from the <head> of your page into inline styles, which stops them from being stripped out by some email clients.

When you click Import we'll fetch the HTML and all related files from your server and copy it to our server. The code will be modified to correctly reference the copied files and your HTML will be scanned. If any issues are found in the code they will be reported on-screen.

If you need to make some changes select Edit the HTML and click Next to open the in-app editor:

Alternatively, update the version of your campaign that is hosted online then re-import it from the URL.