Moving FeedBurner Email Subscriptions to Campaign Monitor

Migrating Email Subscriptions from FeedBurner to Campaign Monitor is a simple process that can be completed in 10 minutes without interrupting your blog's existing email schedule. Once completed, your Campaign Monitor account will be ready to send highly-customized, recurring RSS-to-email campaigns at a time and frequency of your choosing. You will also be able to view reports outlining the performance of your campaigns.


  1. Replace FeedBurner's subscribe form
  2. Export your Email Subscriptions from FeedBurner
  3. Import your Email Subscriptions into Campaign Monitor
  4. Create and schedule a RSS-to-email campaign
  5. Deactivate your Email Subscriptions in FeedBurner

Replace FeedBurner's subscribe form

To ensure no new email subscriptions are lost while you transition your existing email addresses, we'll start by creating a new subscriber list in Campaign Monitor, then replacing your existing FeedBurner Email Subscriptions form on your site with one that points to this new list.

  1. Login to your Campaign Monitor account. If you don't already have a client account for your site, create one
  2. Create a new subscriber list to import to and give it a descriptive name (like 'RSS Email Subscriptions')
  3. In this new list, select 'Create a subscribe form', then 'Generate the code'
  4. Copy the subscribe form HTML code and replace the existing FeedBurner Email Subscriptions form code on your site. All new email subscriptions on your site will now be added to your new Campaign Monitor subscriber list

Export your Email Subscriptions from FeedBurner

Exporting your existing Email Subscriptions from FeedBurner is generally a no-fuss process, however, if you haven't yet migrated your account to Google, you will have to do this first.

  1. Log into your FeedBurner account
  2. Under 'My Feeds', select your RSS feed
  3. On the 'Publicize' tab, select 'Email Subscriptions', then 'Subscription Management'. Select 'View Subscriber Details', then the 'CSV' link next to 'Export:' A .csv file with your email addresses should start downloading
  4. Once downloaded, open the file in your favorite spreadsheet software (eg. Excel, Numbers)

Import your Email Subscriptions into Campaign Monitor

Once you have your Email Subscriptions, you can import these email addresses into your new Campaign Monitor subscriber list.

  1. With your .csv file open as a spreadsheet, you will see 3 columns: 'Email', 'Subscribed' and 'Status'. Sort the 'Status' column and remove all rows where 'Status' is 'Pending Verification'. To maintain correct permission, it's important that you only import email addresses marked as 'Active'
  2. Save the edited .csv file. You may have to 'Save As...' or 'Export...' the file to retain the original .csv extension
  3. Return your new Campaign Monitor list and 'Add Subscribers'. When prompted, match 'Column 1 (Email)' with 'Email Address'. Skip matching Column 2, 3 and all other columns. Once complete, your Email Subscriptions should display as new email addresses in your subscriber list

Create and schedule a RSS-to-email campaign

We'll now create and schedule an automatically recurring RSS-to-email campaign, to be sent to subscribers at intervals you set. You can customize the email, using either our template builder, or by uploading your own template.

  1. On the 'Create and Send' tab, create a new campaign Select to create a 'Recurring RSS campaign' and add your blog's site address
  2. Select your feed, personalize the campaign and set your send frequency
  3. Choose our template builder to create and customize a template from scratch, or use one of your own pre-built templates
  4. Select your new RSS email subscriptions list as recipients and start the schedule. Your subscribers will begin to receive emails as your blog is updated

Deactivate your Email Subscriptions in FeedBurner

While Email Subscriptions remains active in FeedBurner, this service will continue to send email updates to your subscribers. So, the important final step is to turn it off. Be careful - deactivating Email Subscriptions will delete all email addresses in FeedBurner. We recommend exporting all email addresses as per the instructions above prior to deactivating Email Subscriptions.

  1. In your FeedBurner account, select the 'Publicize' tab and 'Email Subscriptions'
  2. Select the 'Deactivate' button to deactivate your FeedBurner Email Subscriptions
  3. Farewell, FeedBurner