How do I resend a sent campaign?

Hey, just to let you know — we're in the process of releasing a new feature. Some of the information on this page could differ to what you’re seeing in your account, but it’ll all match up really soon. If you need any help in the meantime, please contact support.

Any previously sent campaign can be duplicated with a single click, making it easy to send to new subscribers.

You can either send an exact copy of the campaign, or edit some of the content to suit a different list or segment of subscribers.

Resending sent campaigns

To duplicate a sent campaign so you can resend it:

  1. Open the Campaigns tab to see your "Sent Campaign Reports."
  2. Hover your cursor over the sent campaign you want to duplicate, then click the duplicate icon that appears on your right, as shown here:

  3. Your list of "Saved Drafts" will load on the page with the previously sent campaign added to it. Click the campaign name to open it.

  4. From the campaign snapshot use the Edit buttons to make any changes or, to send an exact copy to new subscribers, just click Define recipients.
  5. Select or import new recipients, then click Next. (The updated snapshot page will include your new campaign recipients.)
  6. Click Test and define delivery to complete the final stages of your campaign send.

Duplicating a sent campaign will not affect reports for the previously sent campaign in any way.