Create an HTML subscribe form

Use our subscribe form builder to generate HTML you can copy and paste into your website. Just decide what fields to include, in which order, then grab the code.

Generating the subscribe form code

To get started open the subscriber list you want to create a form for. On the list details page click Sign up forms in the right sidebar then, on the following page, select Copy/paste a form to your site.

The form editor will load, which looks like our example below. Changes made on the right are reflected immediately in the preview pane, left:

If you have multiple lists, you'll notice the other lists are displayed in the editing pane on your left. Tick the checkboxes next to any lists you want to include on this subscribe form. This allows people to sign up for two, or more, lists at once.

The same goes for custom fields. If you have any set up for this subscriber list, they will also be available to you in the editing pane. Just tick the checkboxes for any fields you want included on the form:

Note: When someone subscribes through this form and also opts-in for another list, their name and email are added to the other list automatically. If the other list has matching custom fields, then those fields will also be filled in.

To change the display order of form fields and checkboxes, click the drag handles to move them up or down, as shown here:

To finish, click Get the code.

Now you just need to copy-and-paste the code into your website, wherever you want the form to appear.

Customizing the code

To create a secure, encrypted form you can manually change the form action to use https:// instead of http://

You can also change the ID labels but do not change the name parameters because it will stop the form from working. Here's an example of a name parameter: