How do I set up an email template to use?

You can import your own email templates, or use our email builder to customize a design chosen from the template gallery.

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Tip: You can also import complete HTML campaigns that are already designed, written and ready to send.

Import a custom template

Any HTML email template can be modified with our template language to make the content areas editable. That means, when it's imported into your account it can be used with the content editor pictured below:

Campaign text and images are added by clicking the Edit and Add New buttons positioned above the editable sections of your template. If you do not have at least one editable content area in your HTML it's not possible to use the template with our content editor.

When you have modified an existing email template (or coded a new one) to include our tags, see our instructions for importing a template into your account. When imported, it will be added to your client's saved templates so you can select it when creating new campaigns or workflow emails.

Customize a template from the Gallery

Design a unique email to match your brand and content, starting with a template chosen from the Gallery. Account administrators and anyone with permission to build or import their own templates can select a design when setting up emails for workflows (excluding RSS-based workflows) or creating new campaigns:

The layouts are flexible and, using our email builder, you can make the design your own by customizing colors, images and typography.

Note: If you have clients with standard account access they cannot see the Gallery when signed in. Learn more about setting up email templates for clients.

Templates for RSS emails

To create RSS-based emails you need an email template containing our Campaign Monitor RSS tags. You can either code your own or use our built-in RSS template builder:

Code your own RSS template

If you know HTML you can code your own RSS-compatible template from scratch, or update an existing template (excluding gallery templates) with our RSS tags. When it's ready to go, see our instructions for importing a template into your account.

Tip: If you don't have enough experience with HTML to code your own template or edit an existing one, try our customer forums to find a designer. If you haven't used the forum before, register here.

Use the RSS template builder

The RSS template builder in your account can only be accessed when you're setting up RSS-based workflow emails. After you've selected an RSS feed and completed the sending details you'll see an option to import your own template or use our template builder.